Privacy Policy
commerce comprises personal information to be added to its database. Such database, on its turn, shall be kept in safety, protected from any irregular or illegal use.

IBOPE deems to be very important that you are aware that all possible caution is taken to prevent that third parties may have access in any way to its database. Therefore, the most effective mechanisms are in place to protect the information available in the market.

Despite that, it is important to make clear that user information may be made contingently available by virtue of judicial orders or acts of government administration authorities, police requests or legal provisions.

Thus, the present nondisclosure agreement outlines how the database will be protected; indicating IBOPE and user obligations to be performed to ensure its effective protection.

If you have any question regarding the clauses hereof, please access the link Contact Us in the portal.

Clause 1. Cadaster Data

1.1. Data protected herein is freely informed by Portal user ("User"). Thus, User at once authorizes IBOPE to adopt all measures deemed necessary to check the accuracy and veracity of information provided. IBOPE shall keep confidential all and any information provided.

1.2. Furthermore, upon registration completion, User expressly declares that all data provided is true and correct, subject to legal penalties in case the veracity may not be confirmed in any way.

1.3. User may request data removal from Portal at any time, which shall imply the registration cancelation and IBOPE shall have a period of 7 (seven) days maximum as of the date of request to proceed.

1.4. Without prejudice of provisions of item 1.3 above, IBOPE may keep some Users data for a certain period of time in order to settle disputes, claims or judicial and extrajudicial actions, everything arising out of legal relations at the time of Portal services rendering; it may further postpone the requested removal in case of technical problems or incidents. In any case, however, data shall not be immediately removed from database due to legal and technical reasons, including the support system and security.

1.5. Contingent e-mails exchanged between User and Portal may be kept in file, which User at once consents.

1.6. All registered Users shall have a personal password to access services and Portal navigation. The password must be kept in absolute secrecy. In case User shares the information with third parties, IBOPE shall not be liable for any damage that it may, direct or indirectly, cause to User. User may change the password at any time.

Clause 2. IBOPE representations and liabilities

2.1 IBOPE shall not be liable for the irregular use of information available at the Portal, provided that it is caused by events of force majeure, acts of god, illegal interception or breach of systems or databases by non-authorized personnel, or any other that, being unpredictable, prevents the regular diligence and care to avoid such occurrence.

2.2. IBOPE, compliant with item 2.1 above, undertakes to preserve, maintain and keep User data, and it may not use it for other purposes than that provided herein, the Purchasing Agreement entered into through e-commerce and, further, if expressly authorized by User.

2.3. User information obtained at the Portal may be shared among companies that belong to IBOPE Group. However, compliant with item 2.2 above, data use shall be restricted to Portal services.

2.4. IBOPE hereby represents it shall take all possible precautionary actions to protect information provided during registration.

Clause 3. User representations and liabilities

3.1. User hereby declares:

(i) to be fully aware of its rights to access, cancel and update its personal data and password, as well as oppose its use and be informed of assignments made;

(ii) that all information rendered is true and correct, which shall be updated in case of modification and/or change;

(iii) to be aware that IBOPE may be required to provide its own information to government, parliamentary or judicial authorities or third parties according to the circumstance. In any case, however, and except for any express judicial order or any competent authority act, User shall be immediately notified;

(iv) to have full civil capacity, that is, fails to meet any assumption provided under Brazilian Civil Code, sections 3 and 4; and,

(v) that it shall not impair in any way IBOPE Portal activities and shall use the password and offered services responsible and diligently.

Clause 4. Amendments

4.1 IBOPE may modify at any time the terms and conditions hereto, and shall notify User upon publication of new updated version of the Term in this section and inform the date of last update.

Clause 5. Termination

5.1. This Instrument may be terminated and User registration removed from Portal under  the following assumptions:

(i) misrepresentation of data provided during registration;

(ii) disagreement with contingent changes hereto duly informed within 5 (five) days as of disclosure of changes made;

(iii) usage of brand, logo, name or corporate name of IBOPE or any of its affiliate companies, without express authorization, upon disclosure in advertising, e-mail, publications and any other communication media, in general, or that gives the impression to third parties that User is in any way related to IBOPE;

(iv) upon User request by e-mail or fax; and

(v) upon IBOPE unilateral act in the event User fails to perform any clause hereto.

Clause 6. Indemnification

6.1. IBOPE hereby undertakes to indemnify the User from all and any loss caused by its sole fault under the assumptions provided by law.

6.2. All and any damage that User may cause to IBOPE and/or Portal shall be dully indemnified, inter alia, for damages arising out of irregular and non-authorized use of IBOPE brand and its products.

Clause 7. Cookies

7.1 The Portal may use cookies, for administrative and technical purposes, that is, file that is installed to User desktop and enables the movement within the Portal, optimizing navigation, which User hereby agrees at once.

7.2. User, however, may at any time check if cookies are enabled and/or prevent the action upon activation of browser mechanisms.

Clause 8. Court and legislation

8.1. The present instrument is governed by the Brazilian legislation.

8.2. It is hereby elected the District Court of São Paulo to settle all and any question or dispute arising out hereof, expressly waiving any other, however privileged.

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