IBOPE Inteligência uses strictly representative samples of the population being studied, selected by statistical criterion, and based on official data sources in the country: IBGE, TRE and TSE.

For municipal surveys, IBOPE Inteligência regularly uses a sample per conglomerates, selected in two groups:

1- Probabilistic selection of IBGE tax-paying sectors where interviews are made using PPT method (Size Proportional Probability).
2- Interviewees selection through proportional quotas per gender, age, level of education and economic dependence within tax-paying sectors previously sorted. Quotas are meant to prevent deviations arising out of no existing electoral registration within tax-paying sectors and impossibility to survey such information during the survey process.


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IBOPE Intelligence points correctly 95% of votes in first round
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Surprises are inevitable
Surprises are inevitable.


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