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This is where the space where you find a selection of links to sites related to Grupo IBOPE. The list includes from IBOPE organizations to studies published with highlights, products and sites of foreign companies. Click on addresses below to learn more.



Joint-venture between IBOPE Inteligência and iVOX, Belgian company with experience in the European market for collection pf online data.

IBOPE Ambiental

IBOPE business unit acting in services aiming sustainable development, especially regarding environmental aspects.

IBOPE Educação

IBOPE business unit that qualifies professionals by mean of in company and long distance educational projects.

Instituto Paulo Montenegro

Non-profit organization, linked to IBOPE, which goals are develop and deploy projects in education.


Educação a Distância

Information about long distance learning programs offered by IBOPE Educação.


Tool developed by IBOPE Inteligência for strategic guidance of companies and decision making.


Monthly research with national representation aimiing companies and that respond to all kinds of marketing and communication questions.

Shopping Center Registration 

Database and calculation related to operating malls or under construction in Brazil.

Potencial para Supermercado

Research carried out by IBOPE Inteligência to project the sale of a specific commercial point within their influence area.


Esporte Clube IBOPE Media

Hotsite of the content presented by IBOPE Media at MaxiMídia 2011, with a series of new researches related to sport consumption in communication and advertising means.

Classe C Urbana no Brasil

Hotsite of the study “Classe C Urbana do Brasil: Somos Iguais, Somos Diferentes”, published by IBOPE Media during MaxiMídia 2010. This presents a radiography of consumption habits and behavior in the ascending social segment in Brazil.


Hotsite of the study presented at MaxiMídia 2009 reflecting media consumption habits in the era of convergence.

Consumidor do Século XXI

Hotsite de of the study analyzing the consumer behavior and preferences in a society in deep transformation, presented at MaxiMídia 2008.

O Novo Homem: Comportamento e Escolhas

Hotsite of the study presented at MaxiMídia 2007 that shows the behavior of modern man, its tastes and preferences.


Hotsite of the IBOPE Sustainable Businesses Forum, event held in 2007 and destined for important companies in the market, advertising and communication agencies, advertisers and government bodies.

Online Purchase
In the online store, it is possible to more easily purchase research reports regarding the use of internet in Brasil, or even request a customized study to the customer assistance team on different topics.