IBOPE has a direct communication channel for those who seek information or guidance regarding the Code of Conduct, company policies and procedures, or who wish toinform a potential non-compliance with our policies, regulations or values.

The Open Channel is available to all collaborators, vendors, clients and community as an additional channel to inform risk situations or seek guidance. People who call or email Open Channel will always remain anonymous, with no retaliation whatsoever.

Claim assessment

Starting from a claim of suspected non-compliance, the integrity department will make all necessary investigations, initially identifying if the claim is true or not. Should a violation be verified, IBOPE will take all appropriate measures tocorrect the non-compliance.

After the conclusion of investigations, any collaborator who intentionally violated laws, rules and corporate policies will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, according to applicable policies.

IBOPE will adopt disciplinary actions consistent with the inappropriate conduct and to prevent future violations. Occurrences will be evaluated case by case.

To use Open Channel, send below a message or contact us by phone: 55-11-3066-7888. If you wish to receive a reply, please use a valid email.

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Online Purchase
In the online store, it is possible to more easily purchase research reports regarding the use of internet in Brasil, or even request a customized study to the customer assistance team on different topics.