Corporate Integrity
IBOPE Group is committed with integrity through its values, actions and corporate governance practices.

Our Code of Conduct is guidance to the practices of integrity, which must be respected and applied.  Besides that, our communication channels are opened to clarify our policies and collaborators, vendors, clients and community’s doubts.

Every IBOPE Group collaborator has the responsibility of acting with integrity when doing their job and executing their functions ethically, according to the Code of Conduct, the procedures of the department where they work, and all company’s policies. 

The corporate integrity department is responsible for controlling compliance of activities and businesses made by IBOPE Group with such rules, offering support and guidance to all company departments to manage and reduce risks.

Its main function is to ensure the correct fulfillment of internal ruling, procedures and legal provisions, maintaining processes in compliance with the requirements of competent public bodies and company’s strategies.

Access the links below for more details:

- Corporate Integrity Program

- Code of Conduct

- Open Channel
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