Corporate Integrity Program
IBOPE Group has a commitment with integrity through its values, actions and corporate governance practices. Our Code of Conduct is guidance to the practices of integrity and we have communication channels opened to clarify our policies and solve collaborators, vendors, clients and community’s doubts.

Every IBOPE Group collaborator has the responsibility of acting with integrity when doing their job and executing their functions ethically, according to the Code of Conduct, the procedures of the department where they work, and all company’s policies. Integrity is part of IBOPE culture.

Corporate Integrity Committee

As part of the corporate governance responsibility, IBOPE has created a Corporate Integrity Committee to deal with integrity issues, compliance and ethics, evaluating impacts on companies’ businesses.

The committee is formed by the main representatives of Group’s companies, initially: general manager, CEOs, financing director, HR director and corporate integrity director and manager.
Corporate integrity representatives

We will have corporate integrity representatives in Brazil and Latin America branches, which will spread the culture of integrity, assuring local support on risk management and control of direct communication with the corporate integrity department.  The local representative may also be asked to report worries or non-compliance claims.

The department is preparing trainings that will discuss the Code of Conduct, harassment, money laundering, anti-corruption, among other important issues.

Risk management

IBOPE understands that risk management is fundamental to all its activities, with the goal of minimizing negative exposure and loses, thus adding value and quality to its businesses.

This activity is highly relevant because of the increasing complexity of services and products offered by the company, and also because of the expansion of its businesses to other markets and locations.  For this reason, the company continuously improves its risk management-related activities, which are duly aligned with applicable regulation and adherent to the best practices internationally adopted, further adapted to our reality.

Thus, the corporate integrity department will evaluate and identify, through internal control, the legal, operational, financial loss, or reputation loss risks that the company might suffer as result of failure to comply with laws, regulations, codes of conduct and operational practices. Risks will be mapped and control and mitigation actions will be proposed.


Once inserted in the company’s culture, the corporate integrity department will make assessments based on risk analysis to measure company’s adherence to policies, regulations and procedures.  This assessment will be frequently made together with IBOPE corporate auditing department and eventual independent auditors, validated by the Corporate Integrity Committee.

Correction and preventive actions

IBOPE is engaged in preventing and detecting eventual non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations, internal procedures and operational failures, thus adopting necessary corrective measures.  The corporate integrity program was designed to ensure that company’s identifications and non-compliances are promptly responded to, and that preventive actions to avoid future failure and risks to business are carried out.

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