The auditing team operates in two large task forces, according to type of projet:

- External auditing (most of the times contracted by clients);

- Internal auditing (carried out by IBOPE as part of quality management of processes e products).

It is required the previous definition of standards to be used for service assessment in both cases.
Regarding ISO auditing, references are the specific standards.

As for IBOPE Media production processes auditing, since 2001, IBOPE has created a set of directives to govern the Works to be performed at all units, based on rules from different entities regulating the survey around the world, among which are:

- Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Pesquisa (ABEP);

- European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (Esomar);

- International Coaching Community (ICC);

- Media Rating Council (MRC).

- Several standards established by technical committees in Latin America, such as CCMA (Argentina),ABAP-Redes (Brazil), CIM (México), etc.

This document, IBOPE Directives, is intended to guide all company operations are conducted on a standardized basis and IBOPE knowledge, continuously improving the service.
IBOPE Group auditing team plays two roles in external auditing projects:

- operate as interface with all involved parties: the auditing firm, IBOPE operation that is being audited and the clients committee that contracted the auditing, ensuring the effective flow of communication;

- assist the operation in auditing the preparation and review of material to be sent to auditors and, further, results report assessment and action plan preparation.
The frequency of external auditing may not be foreseen by IBOPE, provided that the decision depends on clients.

The assessment of our services, however, is a very important part of the quality management system and, therefore, demands that internal auditing take place regularly, regardless any external auditing. 
Therefore, the auditing team is responsible for establishing and carrying out annual auditing programs covering all countries where IBOPE operates and, where possible, all services.

Internal auditing projects are carried out in part locally, demanding the auditor visit to the country and in part remotely.

Upon completion of annual projects, the quality Diagnosis is prepared, which results allow the identification of benchmarking opportunities among countries and services.

The internal auditing is just as strict as the external one due to independent accrual of works.

Check the external seals acquired by IBOPE Group companies.

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