The Quality team supports all group companies in training, areas mapping and processes and preparation to obtain external accreditation seals.

During the works with productive and support processes, four PDCA continuous improvement phases are disseminated and setup: Planning (P); Development/ Execution (D); Check (C) and Action/Learning (A).
The entire process comprises the following phases:

1. Documentation preparation (retention of company knowledge and guarantee of a standard in place, based on procedure manuals and activities execution rules);

2. quality controls in place (checking and review throughout the production phases);

3. Definition of performance indicators (translating the process performance);

4. Process critical review (periodical checking of trends and process stability);

5. continuous improvement search engines (work groups supported by quality tools for improvement development and/or trouble shooting);

The final product of such works in each Group business unit is the setup and maintenance of its quality management system (SGQ), according to ISO international rules.

With regard to managerial practices, the quality team is in charge of dissemination and having the management model adopted by IBOPE Group in place, the Management Excellence Model (MEG) defined by Brazilian Quality Foundation.

The existing management practices are identified and reviewed in these works in seven Organization components: Leadership, Strategy and Plans, Clients, Society, Information and Knowledge, Persons, Processes (Productive, Financial and Suppliers) and results obtained from each one.

The final products of such projects are the Management Report (RG) and its assessment.

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