Interviewer approach

An IBOPE interviewer does not approach people in any way. He necessarily must have a visible ID tag with credentials as IBOPE collaborator, and should always offer a contact means so the interviewee can confirm the accuracy of the research.

For researches of IBOPE Inteligência, the confirmation telephone is 0800 800 5000 (from anywhere in Brazil).  In case of online questionnaires, confirmation is by e-mail at For researches of IBOPE Media, confirmation should be by telephone at 0800 771 7713. For internet audience measuring researches, by IBOPE Nielsen Online, confirmation is done by telephone at 0800 11 02 65.

In case of one on one researches, the IBOPE professional should not use any kind of identification with brands or clothes containing information of campaigns or any kind of advertising, but basic clothing, free of identification that could intimidate or influence the response in any way.
During application of the questionnaire, the researcher must be totally unbiased, should not express any kind of opinion about the content of the questions or content of responses, and should be attentive to his tone of voice and facial expressions, with a totally neutral posture.
An IBOPE interview cannot be done in front of other people that could influence the response, even if colleagues or close relatives, except in cases of qualitative researches in group.


To make researches with sensitive issues, as sexually transmitted diseases and drugs, IBOPE uses techniques to avoid embarrassing the interviewee.
In cases like this, the interviewee checks the response and deposits it in a sealed envelope por presses a button in an electronic device, and the researcher is not made aware of the response.
Researches about women’s health, for instance, are done in field by female professionals, favoring a more honest bond between the professional and the interviewed citizen.

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