TV Audience

IBOPE measures the audience of TV based on two methodologies: Peoplemeter and notebook researches. In locations where regular service with Meters is offered, measuring is done with an electronic device named DIB, that is connected to the TV set and automatically identifies the channel the TV is tune in and which dwellers are watching a specific program.

These data are obtained by means of presence registration of each dweller when he activates his identification button in the remote control that accompanies Peoplemeter. Thanks to this identification, it is possible to measure not only household audience, but individual audience as well.
The use of Peoplemeter installed at the households is called “panel”, where a same group of people is accompanied during a specific period. They are selected statistically based on the Social Economic Study (LSE), ran by IBOPE.

Collected data are transmitted by internet to IBOPE data center, where they are processed and information required to calculate audience is extracted. This process is done every minute. In smaller markets, data are sent to the data center on the day following the measuring.
Each household remains in the sample for a maximum of four years to ensure the required rotation to this kind of research. Addresses of these households are kept secret to avoid any external interference in the behavior of the dwellers.

The set of households equipped with Peoplemeter devices in regular locations comprise the National Television Panel (PNT). Additionally to regular locations, IBOPE also measures TV audience in other 100 cities around the country, upon request of clients.

According to market demand, there are up to four waves of special researches (or notebook researches). In these cases, the individual fills in a form with the times when he watched TV with 15 minute intervals. Every two weeks, notebooks are collected at the household and information is stored in a database.

Then, data pass through a validation process and are projected for the population to represent each market, generating the indexes. Based on this information, audiences are calculated per time range and programs.

All the steps to produce data are submitted to a strict quality control, with consistency analysis and historical comparison. There is also a center for questions by households and constant maintenance and audit of Peoplemeter devices.

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