Research promotion

IBOPE is a private company that runs researches for sale. Sometimes, however, the company funds researches exclusively to be disclosed, for purposes of contributing with the debate about a political theme that is on the headlines.

It is not rare to have contracting companies making data public. This is more common with public opinion researches, when giving visibility to the people’s opinion on a theme may have impact in the performance of a company or sector.

The party acquiring the research, however, is not obliged to disclose a research even when acquired for that purpose.

In election years, no voting intention research may be disclosed if it is not previously registered as disclosure research, before the election notary of the region. This is a requirement under Brazilian laws.

Upon disclosure, IBOPE is careful to have data interpreted correctly, presenting press-releases with the appropriate tone to read data. However, one of the most common mistakes the repercussion of researches in the press or social networks is wrong interpretation of what the research represents.
To avoid that, researches published by IBOPE necessarily are accompanied with a technical sheet, with data on profile of the population represented by the sample, as well as period of data collection and number of interviewees.

IBOPE also runs researches that offer valuable information for good performance of company businesses. Due to the strategic importance of this information, these studies are exclusive to the clients and results are rarely disclosed.

In case of media audience research, it is common to see leakage of information, many times diverging. This happens because IBOPE tools allow that the client analyze the data with different cross references. This is why in social networks there is always different information about who is supposedly leading a specific time in TV, for instance.

Every week, IBOPE publishes the TV program ranking for open TV with the highest audience levels in the period, for São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. To avoid rumors causing damages in the advertising market, the company collaborates with journalists with access to data attributed to IBOPE, to check and validate – so the journalist is certain that published data is correct.

Online Purchase
In the online store, it is possible to more easily purchase research reports regarding the use of internet in Brasil, or even request a customized study to the customer assistance team on different topics.