How we do

Offering reliable information to the market requires dedication. With 70 year experience, IBOPE accumulates a vast experience in how to make researches. Today, the company has a series of audit certifications that confirm the quality of its services (learn more in Quality).

To ensure a suitable process and generate unbiased information, a well-done research involves subtleties unknown by the majority of the population, but that make a difference to obtain a reliable result.

Small details in the research are varied and change according to the type of research and the region where it is done. Below, we gathered information unknown by the great audience that may give you an idea of how we work:

Sample composition


TV Audience

Questionnaire preparation

Researcher approach

Data checking

Armoring information

Research promotion

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In the online store, it is possible to more easily purchase research reports regarding the use of internet in Brasil, or even request a customized study to the customer assistance team on different topics.