Partnerships and Associations
  • Abap (Associação Brasileira de Agências de Publicidade)
    Entity that defends and broadcasts the interest of Brazilian agencies associated to the communication industry.
  • Ação Educativa
    Important partner of Instituto Paulo Montenegro, Ação Educativa’s mission is to promote education, cultural and youth rights, considering the social justice, participative democracy and sustainable development.
  • APP Brasil (Associação dos Profissionais de Propaganda)
    Association that serves the advertisement activity, qualifying and inserting professionals, valuing and defending marketers’ interests and the advertisement business.
  • AVM Faculdade Integrada
    It is a higher education institution with maximum grade on the National Student Performance Exam. Registered on the Education Ministry since 2006 to offer long distance courses, develops the graduate study programs for IBOPE Educação.
  • Educorp
    Partner of IBOPE Educação, is a company engaged in knowledge management, which empowers our project offers with integrated solutions of corporate education.
Online Purchase
In the online store, it is possible to more easily purchase research reports regarding the use of internet in Brasil, or even request a customized study to the customer assistance team on different topics.