Luiz Motta

Director of research and development of IBOPE Media

Luiz Motta is graduated in Electronic Engineering by the Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (IMT). He entered SWEEPS in 1985, the engineering manager and acted as engineering director and research and development engineering at IBOPE Media.

He projected the optical reader of "TV diaries", the real time audience Peoplemeter system and DIB2. He lead the DIB4 project and several data collection systems and electronic identification processes. Today, he Works in the state of the art meter project DIB6 and modern recognition processes that allow including in indexes the content watched TV audience after being recorded (TSV-Time Shift Viewing).

Prior to working at IBOPE, Luiz taught in the engineering graduation course at IMT and worked in companies like Amelco, Metro TV (former manufacturer of meters, devices used by IBOPE to measure TV audience) and Audi-TV (electronic TV audience measuring in the 1970s and 1980s).


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