Shigueo Watanabe
Executive director of IBOPE Ambiental

Shigueo Watanabe holds a BA and a PhD in physics from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), and is a specialist in carbon projects with a deep knowledge of the national energy sector. In 2011, he became executive director of IBOPE Ambiental to work in the environmental area with new products and services aimed at the sustainable development and control of global warming.

He has been manager of development of Clean Development Mechanism projects (MDL for its acronym in Portuguese) since 2004, having developed small hydroelectric dam projects, biomass, fuel switching and energy efficiency. He participated in the preparation of inventories of emissions of greenhouse gases and conservation projects for large corporations in Brazil.

Shigueo has also been the regional coordinator of Orbeo in Brazil, responsible for creating projects to reduce emissions, and worked as financial and administrative director of the Brazilian Association of Carbon Market Companies (Abemc, for its acronym in Portuguese). Moreover, he continues to work as collaborator of the Gold Standard Foundation.


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