You are welcome to post your comments on projects seeking registration under the CDM (CDM Validation and Verification Manual and Procedures for processing and reporting on validation of CDM project activities).

All Project Design Documents are open for comments during a 30-day period starting at the moment it is uploaded in UNFCCC’s website. Comments shall be in English.

Comments are displayed together with other project documents in UNFCCC’s website, except those that the Designated Operational Entity determines as being not authentic.

Please note that the DOE does not reply stakeholder comments on behalf of the Project Proponent. Nevertheless, it shall acknowledge the receipt of comments and include them in the validation/ verification process.

Click below to go to CDM page for projects:
IBOPE's Project Test 1
IBOPE's Project Test 2

Click below to see our:
Procedure for handling complaints, disputes and appeals
Policy of safeguarding impartiality
Allocation of responsibilities

Page last updated on 3 July 2012.

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