IBOPE Educação
IBOPE Educação is the business unit of Grupo IBOPE that trains professionals to transform data and information into intelligence, improving the performance of organizations through long distance and in-company education projects.

All IBOPE Educação programs have a strong knowledge base, which includes academic content and data from IBOPE, in addition to teaching techniques and tools that assist in the development of specific skills.

To ensure effective long-term results, the programs focus on the experience of participants and include many practical activities. Thus, they create a direct relationship between what is being learned and the working day-to-day life.

The company also offers long distance lato sensu post-graduation and extension programs to professionals and companies. Post-graduation certificates are recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC).  Learn more about IBOPE Educação’s long distance education programs.

From an institutional point-of-view, IBOPE Educação has a consultancy council, comprised of market professionals who discuss trends, best practices and innovations in the corporate education area. Its purpose is to format growth strategies, new products and actions that result in differentials for IBOPE Educação and its clients.

Besides, IBOPE Educação is member of the Brazilian Association of Training and Development (ABTD, for its acronym in Portuguese) and of the Brazilian Association of Long Distance Learning (ABED, for its acronym in Portuguese) that are references in the training and human development market.

To learn more, visit www.ibopeeducacao.com.br or send an e-mail to contato@ibopeeducacao.com.br.


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