IBOPE Inteligência
IBOPE Inteligência is one of the companies that better understand the behavior and opinion of Brazilian and Latin American consumers and citizens. In Grupo IBOPE, this is the unit specialized in combined studies, whether qualitative or quantitative, to offer diagnosis and strategic recommendations.

The areas where IBOPE Inteligência Works are public opinion, politics, geo-businesses, and markets, offering brand, behavior, satisfaction, opinion, communication studies, and many others. For that, it uses different approaches to interview respondents: one to one, by phone, or internet.IBOPE Inteligência has recently launched the Internet panel CONECTAí to conduct online surveys on various topics, including public opinion, habits of consumption of products and services and insight generation. Additionally, it offers Consulting with intelligence tools and, increasingly, uses specific methodologies for innovation projects.

One of the most important characteristics of IBOPE Inteligência is diversity. Additionally to the variety of information that daily circulate in the company, interaction of professionals from different backgrounds makes IBOPE Inteligência a perfect environment for sciences to meet, enriching statistics with analytical intelligence.

In Brazil, IBOPE Inteligência is present in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba. In Americas, there are offices in the United States, Argentine, Mexico, Chile, and Puerto Rico.

International activities are complemented with participation in the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN), association of independent research companies to maintain exchange of techniques and methodologies,. sharing knowledge, and carry out global researches in over 60 countries.

To learn more and acquire services from IBOPE Inteligência, send an e-mail to: inteligencia@ibope.com.


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