IBOPE Nielsen Online

IBOPE Nielsen Online is the business unit of Grupo IBOPE that performs researches on the use of internet in Brazil and Latin America, generating detailed information about browsing habits, online advertising activities and people’s behavior in social networks, additionally to delivering customized studies focused on the mapping of scenarios to digital means.

The company is fruit of the partnership between IBOPE Media and the North-American company Nielsen Company. In Brazil, IBOPE Nielsen Online consolidates information with the same rigorous methodology applied in countries where its partner acts, enabling direct comparison of internet activity in different areas of the world.

Information from researches is obtained with internet users that access from work or at home. In both cases, internet monitoring is done with the installation of a software in the computers, with no violation to the privacy of volunteer collaborators.

To acquire services from IBOPE Nielsen Online, send an e-mail to: media@ibope.com.


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In the online store, it is possible to more easily purchase research reports regarding the use of internet in Brasil, or even request a customized study to the customer assistance team on different topics.