Environmental Pillar
In spite of the low impact of its operations on the environment, IBOPE already has a series of initiatives aimed at reducing energy or water waste and increasing awareness of its employees. Its main actions are:

- Exchange of pipes and installation of taps with flow sensor
- Monthly hydraulic maintenance and cleaning of water tanks
- Maintenance of power generation system of elevators and internal campaign to encourage the use of stairs
- Partnerships for collection of recyclable materials and installation of paper, plastic, glass and metal collectors across the head offices of IBOPE
- Collection of batteries and cardboard collection box at the location of each employee
- Inventories of carbon emissions
- Campaigns for the conscious use of natural resources

GHG Protocol

In 2011, IBOPE became the first research company in the country to receive the Gold Seal of the Brazilian GHG Protocol (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) Program, for conducting the inventory of its emissions of greenhouse gases for the second consecutive year.

The Gold Seal means that all greenhouse gas emissions were accounted for and that the inventory has been independently audited by a third party, KPMG.
Click here to access the inventories which have been already published by IBOPE.

Emissions of gases

In 2010, the business units of IBOPE in Brazil issued a total of 1,375 tons of carbon dioxide, an amount considered low compared to other companies in the services sector.

112.6 t were issued from sources owned or controlled by the organization, such as company’s cars or cooling system, for example, 111.9t resulted from the purchase of electric and thermal energy that is consumed by the company, and 1066.29 resulted from other indirect emissions, such as air transportation or extraction and production of raw materials and other materials held by third parties, but used in IBOPE’s processes.

With the history of such information, IBOPE monitors the evolution of emissions and outlines strategies for reduction and offsetting. The goal is to transform IBOPE into a carbon neutral company, investing in projects for the neutralization of the volume of emissions and offsetting the impact caused.
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