One of the five values of the company, sustainability at IBOPE means a way to:

Ensure that its strategies and work plans aim to equilibrate economic, social and environmental goals in order to meet the best interests of its shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers and the society as a whole.

In order to drive the company’s sustainability initiatives, a Sustainability Committee was created and was responsible for implementing the sustainability policy of the company.

Composed of representatives from each of the Group’s business units, the Committee's work is guided by four main objectives:

- Integrate the Group’s business to the concept of sustainability;
- Communicate the company’s existing sustainable practices;
- Promote actions that contribute to a better understanding of the subject;
- Sensitize employees to become agents of sustainability.

Actions included in the strategic planning of the Committee include the three pillars of sustainability (social, environmental and economic) and reflect the company’s concern with people, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society as a whole. Check out the main initiatives developed:

Social Pillar

Environmental Pillar

Economic Pillar
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