Fact sheet


Created on May 13, 1942, IBOPE is a private capital multinational Brazilian company and one of the greatest public opinion and audience research company of the Latin American market. Currently, it is the only Latin American company included in the North American ranking of 25 greatest research companies in the world. IBOPE group is composed by four big companies: IBOPE Media, IBOPE Inteligência, IBOPE Educação and IBOPE Ambiental. It also has two worldwide partners – Kantar Group and Nielsen Company, besides important stockholding in two companies: IBOPE Nielsen Online and Millward Brown Brasil.
Main executives:
CEO: Carlos Augusto Montenegro

Vice-president: Luis Paulo Montenegro

Managing director: Antônio Sérgio Salles

IBOPE Inteligência CEO: Márcia Cavallari

IBOPE Media CEO: Orlando Lopes
Business sectors:
To support the decision making of its clients, IBOPE makes researches on various topics:  media, public opinion, politics, consumption, brands, behavior, market and internet among others, to supply the greatest array of information about the Brazilian and Latin American markets.
Regional operation:
Headquarters in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and branches in Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Fortaleza, Goiania, Para, Porto Alegre, Recife, Vitoria and Salvador.
Global operation:
In addition to its operation in Brazil, IBOPE is present in 14 countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.
3,500 professionals all over the world, being 1,800 in Brazil.
IBOPE Media: responsible for communication, media, consumption and audience researches. It is present in all Latin America.
IBOPE Inteligência: organization of contributions provided to its clients so they acquire adequate knowledge and understanding about the society and markets where they operate, helping the decision making and preparation of strategies for business planning. Its differential is based in a multi-disciplinary and integrated team, highly qualified professionals and specialists in knowledge about common citizens and consumers.
IBOPE Educação: business area which enables professionals to transform data and information in intelligence, increasing competitiveness of its clients and bringing key skills for a more efficient decision making.
IBOPE Ambiental: Operates with consulting and certification services regarding environmental aspects of sustainable development.
IBOPE Nielsen Online: joint venture between IBOPE Media and American Nielsen Online, world leader in measuring behavior of Internet users, present in ten countries and with  the largest panel of Internet users in the market – over 200 thousand individuals monitored. Through proprietary technology, IBOPE Nielsen Online measures the activity of web users, online advertisement movement and supplies worldwide data about the internet.
MillwardBrown Brasil: global leader research company, specialized in advertisement, communication, marketing, media and brand equity research. Based in a series of integrated and validated solutions - both qualitative and quantitative – Millward Brown helps its clients to build strong brands and services. The company has over 70 offices in 44 countries, and its specialized service units include Millward Brown Global Media Practice (measures efficiency of means); Millward Brown Optimor (focuses on helping its clients to maximize the return of investment in brands and marketing); Millward Brown Precis (measures efficiency of PR actions ); Dynamic Logic (world leader in measurement of digital media efficiency) and KMR (global provider of Target Group Index, global leader tool in media and market segmentation).
Instituto Paulo Montenegro (homage to one of the most important executives of IBOPE, Paulo de Tarso Montenegro) is a non-profit organization for education, which coordinates IBOPE social actions. Created in 2000, it develops programs such as Our School Researches Your Opinion (Nossa Escola Pesquisa Sua Opinião – NEPSO), which incentives the pedagogic use of research of opinion, and the Indicator of Functional Literacy (INAF), which measures the functional literacy in Brazil.
Contribute in a relevant way to the maximization of results and risk reduction on decision making of our clients, through the provision of information and knowledge founded on market, media and opinion researches.
Be unchallenged leader, in all Latin America, in information and knowledge provision.
- Ethics
- Respect for the person
- Focus on client
- Excellence in everything
- Sustainability
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