Divulgation policy
IBOPE is a private company  that commercializes researches. Therefore, the only researches that may be disclosed are the ones financed by IBOPE itself, or the ones which contractor has authorized its disclosure.

Answer deadlines
When answering to press requests, we need at least two work days to reply with the requested information. Eventually, in case of complex analysis, a longer reply time may be requested. For these reasons, we ask that contact be made as early as possible.

Data interpretation
To prevent misinterpretation of IBOPE data - which is not as rare as it may seem – we recommend that journalists consider talking to the responsible for each study before including in their articles an analysis based on our data.

Validation of audience indexes
To prevent distortion of our data, IBOPE collaborates with journalists that have access to data attributed to IBOPE in a checking process, so the journalist is certain that correct data will be published.

To perform audience validation it is fundamental to know the region the index refers to, the exact date and hour of measurement, and the use of socio economic filters, when adopted.

Online Purchase
In the online store, it is possible to more easily purchase research reports regarding the use of internet in Brasil, or even request a customized study to the customer assistance team on different topics.