IBOPE offers specific products and solutions for the retail sector, recognizing the growing importance of this segment. Among them is available a series of strategic data that help in the exploration of urban centers and regions that may harbor new stores. Moreover, there is a research that measures the capacity to sell of a specific point of business in its area of influence. Find below more details about these services.

Retail Atlas

Potential for Supermarket


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Toy market moves about $ 6 billion in 2012
Class B is the largest potential consumer for industry articles.
Brazilians should spend R$17,75 billion in beverages in 2012
The Southeast region is responsible for half of the country's consumption.

 Related Solutions

Projects the sale of a point in a commercial area.
It combines economic data or behavior with geographic location.
Shows favorable micro retail expansion.
Quantify and qualify the flow near a commercial point.
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